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A message to our customers during a pandemic.

If you need a smog test or vehicle repairs, now is a great time to come. There are very few customers coming in right now. That means that you will not be coming in contact with anyone when you arrive. It is unlikely that you will be waiting longer than 5 or 10 minutes. And, we are doing everything we can to keep our customers safe. We are opening periodically and by demand right now. Please call (916) 372-3279 for details. If you have concerns about pandemic safety, please call so that we can be sure to do all of the following:

  1. We are wiping down all the surfaces used by customers after every customer.
  2. We clean off all the tools and computers used by our technician in between every customer.
  3. When servicing your vehicle, we don't touch anything that hasn't been cleaned, or brought in by you.
  4. If, by some chance, you arrive when another customer is still present, you can wait in your car. As long as you park in front of our office, we will know that you are next in line. Even if you are not concerned, the customer before you might be. Please respect their right to voluntary seclusion.
  5. We offer contactless pick up and delivery for our clients in West Sacramento

We even wash our pens regularly (sorry if the handwriting comes out a bit blurry).


  1. We know that smog test is a chore that no one likes to do, but right now it will go faster then ever before.
  2. We believe that when this is all over, smog tests will probably require you to wait for longer than ever before. This is because we expect to be doing several months worth of smog tests within the first month after pandemic.
  3. Getting repairs done is usually a chore when you have to be without your vehicle for several days. Right now most people are not using their vehicles. So now is a great time to have us diagnose and repair your smog issues/electrical issues/check engine light problems

Feel free to call anytime with questions about this message, or anything else. We are trying to maintain our regular hours right now, however, we often open later, so please call for details. We are also offering to do after hours services for those of you who do not find enough comfort in the precautions listed above.

Thank you, and be safe.

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STAR Certified For over 21 years, E-Z Smog has been serving drivers with quick and reliable smog service. ASE-licensed and STAR-certified, we get you in and out fast with our professional smog testing. We also provide auto repairs upon request to get your emissions back up to standard. Whenever you need your car or truck checked for smog, make sure you bring it to our shop in West Sacramento, CA.

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  • ASE-Licensed & STAR-Certified

  • Discounts for Repeat Customers

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We Can Run Smog Tests on Any Type of Vehicle:

  • Hybrids

  • Diesel

  • Lowered

  • Raised

  • Oversized

  • Anything Requiring Special Smog Test

We've obtained the equipment and licensing to test any type of vehicle.

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ASE CERTIFIED Since opening in 1999, we have helped friends and family open smog shops all over the greater Sacramento area, with some also named E-Z Smog. However, our location in West Sacramento is a one-shop business that continues to serve customers with the same high level of expertise, efficiency and customer service as when we first opened. Locally owned and operated, we value your business and reward repeat customers with exclusive discounts for their loyalty!

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We’re known as a small town shop with less crowds and quicker service! Whether you need smog testing or repairs, we are the shop for you. Find out why so many customers come to us for their automotive smog service needs. Please call just before coming in. That way we can make sure you won't have to wait behind anyone else.